The Ultimate Gymnastics Scoring System

A DOS/Windows system for scoring gymnastics meets. A PC is located at each event for Judge's score entry. The score is flashed on an electronic display and sent to the Master Scorer's PC via network for results tabulation. 

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NET-SCORE is the networked PC program for scoring Women's and Men's gymnastics meets. A computer is placed at each event for the entry and inquiry of scores. When the judge enters a score (no errors!), the gymnast’s score is immediately flashed on an electronic scoreboard (along with the gymnast's name and team!), and the results are sent via the network to the scorer’s PC, instantly updating the meet database!.

The scorer's PC constantly displays all of the most recent scores along with a running count of scores entered by event (this allows the master scorekeeper to know when each rotation is complete). Since no one touches the scores but the judge, no score checking is required!. When the counter shows that all scores have been received, the operator can print the results immediately.

The scorer’s PC can also show the immediate and continuous rankings of individual and/or team scores.

The license for NET-SCORE is $1,500.00 for the network version or $175.00 for the single PC version. Check out the typical system cost below for a full system cost.

NET-SCORE has been used at hundreds of meets including:

NET-SCORE scores a "10.0"
with judges, coaches, and spectators!

Features NET-SCORE Monitor
Typical system configuration - Cost What happens if the power goes out?
Judges score entry : no score entry errors!

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NET-SCORE, The Ultimate Gymnastics Scoring System